If you haven’t heard about the threat of measles resurfacing, then you haven’t been watching the news or listening to the radio. This year alone, more than 900 cases have been reported, and even anti-vaxxers are taking notice. In 1963, nearly every child in the United States contracted measles before they turned

Even though it’s the lazy days of summer, before we know it the bus stops will be bustling and the school bells will be ringing once again. School means it’s time to figure out if and when sports physicals are due and schedule back to school vaccines for any soon-to-be students in

Did you know that each year an average of 20,000 children aged 5 years or younger are hospitalized due to flu-related complications? Influenza, commonly known as the flu, causes more trips to the hospital than any other vaccine-preventable disease. In addition to getting your annual flu shot, there are ways that you

Summer often means an abundance of fresh air, a more relaxed routine that includes extra sleep for little ones and sunnier dispositions. In this seasonal utopia, it’s easy to think sickness is rare and that well child care can be put off. But when it comes to vaccines, it’s always important to

At a seminar hosted in early February at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, experts on the measles vaccine met with members of the media in order to make yet another case – or plea, if you will – for vaccinations. The bottom line that researchers and physicians want everyone to understand: