What to Do if You Believe Your Child has a Concussion


Although children are pretty durable in all the tumbles they take, there is one injury that should always be taken very seriously: a head injury. A fall, a softball to the helmet, or a collision on the soccer field could all result in a concussion and should be closely monitored. Because concussions can take a…

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Tips to Boost the Immune System After Heading Back To School

boost your immune system

Most of the time, our immune systems work quite well to keep us healthy. It does a wonderful job regulating itself and doesn’t necessarily need that much help. As we prepare our kids for school and the upcoming fall and winter months, it’s helpful to understand that there may be times when our immune system…

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Winter Safety Tips For Kids

winter safety tips for kids

Winter is a magical time of year: snowflakes, hot cocoa, warm mittens, sledding, skiing and more. What isn’t so magical is getting hurt from being out in the cold for too long. Keep your child safe this winter season with these winter safety tips for kids from the Association of Childcare Physicians: How to Dress…

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Germs Beware! How to Stay Well When Your Kids Get Sick

Stay Well When Your Kids Get Sick

During cold and flu season, it’s pretty much inevitable that someone you know either at work, school, or in your household will get sick. Especially in the close quarters of your home, having a child battling a cold or flu virus means it’s important to be diligent about staying healthy. As their caregiver, staying well…

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Teach Your Kids The Dangers of OTC Medicine Misuse

Discussing the danger of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine misuse is a very important but often overlooked conversation that every parent needs to have with his or her children. All too often, children are taken to the E.R. due to the accidental misusage of OTC medicines. Educating your children on the importance of medicine safety can help…

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Croup And Your Child: What You Need to Know

croup and your child

As parents, we know that sleepless night can happen. Whether it’s a knock on the bedroom door in the middle of the night because of a nightmare, or a sleepy-eyed child that can’t sleep due to a bellyache, we tend to sleep with one eye (and one ear) open and alert. When illness strikes upon…

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Tips on How to Protect Your Children This Flu Season

Did you know that each year an average of 20,000 children aged 5 years or younger are hospitalized due to flu-related complications? Influenza, commonly known as the flu, causes more trips to the hospital than any other vaccine-preventable disease. In addition to getting your annual flu shot, there are ways that you can protect yourself…

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Hand Foot and Mouth Disease: What Is It and What Should I Look For?

As parents, it’s difficult when we know our little ones aren’t feeling well. Especially when they are too young to fully communicate with us exactly “where it hurts”. When your normally cheerful and active 3 year old starts to become lethargic and grumpy, as a parent we immediately know that something is wrong. One common…

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Heat or Ice – What’s the Best Application for Pain or Injury?

When it comes to the application of cool or warm compresses, there are guidelines, rules of thumb, exceptions to the rules and sometimes even the need to “try a little of both and see what helps.” Since using the wrong application can cause further damage, it’s a good idea to occasionally review when to use…

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Fast Facts About Ear Infections

Ask veteran parents what you need to know about children’s ear infections and they might sum it up with, “nobody will get any sleep.” Of course, there’s more to childhood ear infections than that, but it may be all a parent remembers after their children have grown. For handy reference, here are some fast facts:…

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