Is My Child Clinically Depressed?

child clinically depressed

Children, like adults, can experience “the blues”. For reasons unknown, all of us may feel sad, depressed and not like ourselves at times. For older children, hormones may be surging so irritability and mood swings can happen when least expected. If you find that your child is displaying depression symptoms that don’t seem to go…

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Signs of Puberty: What to Expect

As adults, many of us look back on our own experiences with puberty with heartfelt sentiment, remembering how confusing and challenging it was as our mind and bodies began to change. Now as parents, we have sons and daughters approaching that “certain age” and maybe even already exhibiting some signs of puberty. It was hard…

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Stages of Puberty – What is Normal and What is Not?

Puberty is an often-confusing time, both for the pubescent child and for their parents. Thanks to the hormonal influence of testosterone and estrogen, the changes that occur as a part of puberty can vary greatly for each individual child.  As pediatricians, we want to help provide you with trusted information so that you can recognize…

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