Childcare Physicians' Services

Childcare Physicians offers pediatric care for children ages birth to young adult. Even our college-aged patients continue to rely on us when they need medical care. You can trust Childcare Physicians to offer a full range of services to children of all ages.

Sick Visits, Injuries and Office Visits

No matter the concern, we are there for your child and family. Whether your child has a cold, the flu, or has suffered an injury it is our primary goal to get him or her back to optimum health. During COVID-19, we have relied on phone consultations between our nurses, doctors and staff to determine the best route to take, depending on your child’s symptoms. COVID testing can even be done in the comfort of your car in our parking lot, ruling out any concerns. Test results are shared with you in 24-72 hours and then we decide on the next steps needed to get your child feeling well again. We also offer Rapid COVID Antigen tests and if the child meets the criteria established after a consultation call, we will recommend the test before coming in for a same day sick visit.

Childcare Physicians also offers lab services to include Strep testing, RSV, and influenza, among many others. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our pediatric lab testing.


Wellness Checks

Daycares and schools often request that your child receives annual wellness checks. For newborns, the wellness checks are also scheduled accordingly and more frequently.

Typical Well Check Schedules are:

Newborn: 3-5 days, 1 month, 2 month, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months

First birthday-kindergarten: 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 30 months, 3 years

4 years old – 21 years of age: annual well check


Once you have confirmed your appointment with us, please log into the portal account here <hyperlink> so that you can complete any developmental surveys that may be needed for your child’s upcoming wellness visit.


School and Sports Physicals

We know how important extracurricular activities are for your child’s health and wellbeing, so that’s why we are able to provide school and sports physicals necessary to be part of a team. School and sports physicals can occur during your child’s annual wellness visit. We can do blood pressure checks, weight and height recording, as well as overall body exams to ensure your son or daughter is healthy and ready to compete. During your child’s annual well check, please let us know you need the sports physical form as well and we would be happy to fill it out for you. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff to set up your school and sports physicals today!


Recommended Childhood Immunizations

From the annual flu shot to all recommended immunizations from birth to teen, you can trust Childcare Physicians to champion the optimum health and wellness of your child! Centers for Disease Control offers a handy schedule for immunizations that you can find at Our office will also keep track of the necessary vaccinations needed to ensure your child is being protected. At Childcare Physicians, we highly recommend that you follow the vaccination schedule the CDC advocates.


Developmental Milestones and Behavioral Issues

Parenting is difficult, and you may have questions about your child’s development as well as behavioral and social concerns. Does your child seem to be more anxious than other children in their friend group? Have you noticed a speech delay or difficulty focusing on the task at hand? Childcare Physicians can meet with you and your child and help navigate their learning and developmental milestones, including any concerns that you may have about social and behavioral issues. We even have a counselor on staff, Rebecca Salah, that can meet with you or your child regarding any concerns. Our counselor is available to patients at Childcare Physicians as well as their parents or siblings.


As a patient of Childcare Physicians, you know that you can feel confident our dedicated team of doctors, nurses and support staff will offer quality care to those you love. It is our goal to develop a lasting, supportive relationship with our patients and we are honored to be a part of their lives, from birth to adulthood.



How to Reach Us After Hours

What should you do when your child is sick but our office is closed? For emergencies that can’t wait until the office is open, help is just a phone call away. Simply call our medical exchange and a St.Louis Children’s After Hours Nurse will be there to answer all your questions. The nurses can usually resolve most problems during the initial call. However, a physician from our practice is always on call and can be contacted by the After Hours nurse if necessary. A nurse from our office will contact you the next business day to assess your child and schedule an appointment with your provider if necessary. Exchange Phone number is 314-286-2520.