FrequentlyAskedQuestionsEffective 9/1/2018:
In the event that a patient account has not been reconciled with the insurance company for outstanding charges due after 6 months from the date of service, the responsible payee will be required to pay any remaining balance.  Responsible payees are to contact their own insurance company to reconcile Coordination of Benefits.  If you need to set up a payment plan, please contact the Office Manager at 618-235-2311.


Which insurance plans do we accept?
We accept all major insurance plans.


Do we feel vaccinations are useful or harmful?
We strongly urge you to adhere to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines. For the most current and up to date information, please visit their website at


At what age do you stop seeing your patients and recommend they find a new doctor?
Dr. Shaw sees her patients until they turn 18.   Dr. Kellow will continue to see his patients until they graduate from college.


Why do we need to see their insurance card at every visit?
We are required by all of the major insurance companies to see the card at every visit and collect your copay.


Which hospitals do you have affiliations with?
Memorial Hospital in Belleville and St. Elizabeth’s hospital in Belleville are both hospitals we are affiliated with. We are also affiliated with St. Louis Children’s Hospital.


Do you have hours on Saturday?
Yes, we are open Monday through Saturday starting at 8:30 a.m until 5:00 on the weekdays and approximately 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays. We stop answering the phones at 10:30 on Saturdays.  We are open by appointment only, sorry, no walk-ins.


How do you handle transferring of medical records?
You will need to fill out the necessary forms, and there will be a $20.00 fee. You can download the form by visiting the “First Visit” tab on our website, click on Authorization For Release form, fill it out and return it to us with the fee.


Is there a charge for a prescription call?
Yes, this is a service we offer and there is a $10.00 charge during office hours and $15.00 charge after office hours.


Do you offer same-day sick appointments?
Yes, sick appointments are scheduled same day only.


What appointments can I schedule in advance?
We recommend you schedule regular and school physicals, well visits and rechecks in advance.


How do I reach a doctor after hours? 
Call the exchange at 314-286-2520 and you will be connected to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, with whom we have a relationship. The doctor on call will be able to take care of your needs.

Association of Childcare Physicians is proud to offer an Emergency Services After Hours Phone Line. Please keep in mind, this number is for concerns that cannot wait until the office is opened the next business day. Effective March 8th, 2018, there will be a $10 fee for using this line, which will be waived if an appointment is scheduled the following day. Your family’s health is important to us. Please contact us if you have any questions.


What is the BRAT diet?
The BRAT diet consists simply of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. We recommend it often for patients who are experiencing digestive problems.


Do you participate in VFC (Vaccinations For Children)?
At this time, we do not participate in this program.  For a list of providers, please visit their website by clicking here.


What is the fee to fill out my kids’ vaccination/physical form?
If you are bringing in the Illinois Certificate of Child Health/Physical Form other than at the appointment, the fee to fill it out is $15.00.