Encouraging Kids to Move More

Back to back Zoom calls for school, lack of physical activity and sports being canceled along with colder weather can also mean inactive children. In today’s work and school environment, staying active can be a challenge many of us face. Making fitness a priority is more important that ever before. The good news is there are ways to incorporate movement into a family’s daily schedule.  

Based on recommendations from the American Heart Association, it is suggested that children stay active on a daily basis. Kids and teens should try and achieve one hour of activity each day. By doing so, it will be easier for them to keep a healthy weight, have better heart health, and even improved mental faculty. If you think an hour a day sounds like a lot, there are ways to get moving throughout the day if you can’t get an actual work-out.

Bundle up and walk! Don’t pass up those sunny days by being locked indoors. With the lovely parks and trails in so many of our neighborhoods, even a 20-minute walk with the dog or your family can rejuvenate your senses. Each day schedule a time to take a walk outside, even when the temperatures are chilly. Once you begin to move, you’ll be amazed how your body will begin to warm up with just a few minutes of exercise.

Help with chores. Want to get more steps into your daily routine? Help with chores around the house. You’ll be surprised how many more steps will be added to your fitness tracker when you help with the multiple loads of laundry, vacuuming and more. Not only does sharing chores help take the stress off of one individual in the home, it can also mean more movement that gets your heart rate up!

Make your family time “active” time. Do you try and plan some family time each week? Instead of always doing a board game night, think about incorporating frisbee golf, a game of catch, or a bike ride. Have a gym membership? Go as a family and walk the indoor track or shoot some baskets. Even making a meal as a family can encourage more movement…while also making fun memories.

Holiday gift-giving: choose wisely. This holiday, pick toys that will help keep your kids active like long boards, jump ropes and punching bags. There are many games and activities available that will encourage your child to stay active. From glow in the dark kickballs to even virtual reality headsets, find gifts that will engage your child while also keeping them moving.

Because of remote learning and social distancing, our children are on their phones and laptops more than ever before. Trying to limit screen time during their “downtime” is the ultimate goal. Keeping kids active, especially during the winter months, can be challenging, however; if you focus on being active together, it can be a lot more fun and rewarding. If you have questions about your child’s health and wellness, give us a call at 618-235-2311 or visit us online at https://childcarephysicians.com/.