How Much Water Per Day Should My Child Drink?

drinking-clean-water-620x330I’m going to tackle a couple of commonly asked questions in this month’s blog.  How much water per day should my child get and how many calories per day should my child take in?  These are simple questions but the answers are not always so easy.

When it comes to water, you need to think of it as how much fluid should my child have. This includes formula, breast milk, water, juice and food in that total.

    • From 0-12 months your child should have approximately 5 oz of fluid per 2.2 .lbs.  So, for and 11 lb baby, they should get approximately 25 oz per day.
    • From 0-6 months they do not need any extra water or fluids, but after 6 months up to 6 oz of other fluids and the water content in food can be included in the total.
    • From 1-3 years old a child should have 40 oz of fluid per day.
    • For a child over 3, approximately 50 oz per day should be your minimum.

Fluid requirements will sometimes be more depending on physical exertion and hotter weather. The Healthy Kids website also has some suggestions on fluid intake for older kids, as well as tips on getting them to drink more water.

Calorie intake for 0-12 months old generally follows the fluid intake.  if you are meeting the minimum fluid intake, and it is mostly breast milk or formula, you are meeting the minimum calorie intake.  At 1 year old the calorie intake should be about 900 per day.  Starting at 1 year old, the calories should be distributed between the recommended servings of dairy, fruits, vegetables, meat and grains.

Two to three year olds should get about 1,000 calories per day.  Starting at 4 years old the girls and boys calorie intake recommendations differ somewhat.  For the girls 4-8 years old it is 1,200, for the boys 1,400 per day.  for the girls 9-13 years old 1,600 per day and for the boys 1,800.  For the girls 14-18 it is 1,800 per day and for the boys 2,200 per day.

When in doubt, you can always refer to the American Heart Association or other credible sources for the number of servings and size of servings.

Have a great month and call the office with any questions.