Summer Safety Traveling Tips for You and Your Kids

This summer has been unlike many others in years past, with trips being cancelled due to COVID-19 and plans being rearranged. Depending on what area of the country you live in, you may be able to make some summertime plans for you and your family. With kids out of school and looking for things to…


Socialization Tips to Help Your Kids Develop

Even when our children are babies, they begin to pick up on social cues from people around them. When you smile, they smile right back. If you act silly, their response is to laugh or giggle. For various reasons, children may develop social skills at different times and as they approach different milestones in their…


The Importance of Flu Shots

Flu season is upon us, and because of COVID-19, families are being encouraged more than ever to get their flu shots. A flu shot is always a smart idea, but this year public health advocates are urging us to get the flu vaccine to protect us and also prevent hospitals from being overrun with patients…


Your Child’s Mental Health

When your child has the cold or flu, it’s relatively easy to take care of them. You know what the symptoms are, and your child can usually explain how they are feeling. Medications can be prescribed and with a little rest, chicken soup, and snuggles, eventually your child will be feeling good again. When something…


Childcare Physicians are Committed
to Your Children's Health

The board-certified pediatricians and support staff of Childcare Physicians, formerly the Association of Childcare Physicians, have been caring for children since 1965. The office, conveniently located in the Metro-east community of Swansea, Illinois, serves thousands of patients annually. Dr. Robert Kellow and Dr. Kathryn Wade offer individualized care for children of all ages from birth to young adulthood

Physical Health Experts

We expertly treat all illnesses, injuries, and common conditions. We also understand that preventative care and education are just as important to you child's overall health, therefore we communicate and share important updates and milestone information with your family.

Mental Health Experts

Because wellness is more than physical care, another very important family resource we provide is an onsite mental health counselor. Rebecca "Becki" Salah MA, LCPC offers children and their family's therapy for a wide variety of mental health concerns.

Welcoming Environment

To ensure your children have a positive experience, we provide a comfortable, fun, and relaxed environment for your family. We also understand that your time is valuable, so we are committed to short wait times and keeping scheduled appointments.

Happy little patient giving high five to pleasant male doctor.

Childcare Physicians offers pediatric services that include:

  • Routine wellness exams
  • Immunizations
  • Treatment for infections, injuries, illnesses and other ailments
  • Physical and social development evaluations
  • Mental well-being and behavioral evaluations
  • "Meet and Greet" visits (no charge) for new patients

Regional Resources

The Childcare Physicians' team has the education, experience, and the resources to offer your child outstanding care. If we determine your child needs an additional level of specialized care, our highly trained doctors will work closely with St. Louis Children's Hospital as well as an extended network

The Childcare
Physicians' Motto:

"Every day, we are inspired by the laughter of children. We commit every effort to our patients' health and wellness, promising to dedicate our knowledge, compassion, and resources so that your child or children receive the quality of care they deserve."