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Songs are written about it. Psychologists have proven that it can lift our spirits. It warms us, mystifies babies with its dancing beams, and creates a perfect day for us at the beach. Without it, our solar system wouldn’t even exist! Of course we are talking about the sun! Sunshine provides all

Did you know that each year an average of 20,000 children aged 5 years or younger are hospitalized due to flu-related complications? Influenza, commonly known as the flu, causes more trips to the hospital than any other vaccine-preventable disease. In addition to getting your annual flu shot, there are ways that you

Does your son or daughter refuse to eat healthy vegetables? Many parents wonder if it makes sense to sneak those nutritional powerhouses into meals or if that teaches bad eating habits long term. The experts recommend using your creativity if you have to, and there are several ways to incorporate healthy eating

Parents often joke about never sleeping again once they become parents. For pregnant mothers, sleepless nights may begin as soon as the baby begins growing and moving. Newborns also make it difficult for the parents to sleep through the night, whether it’s frequent feedings or colic, and of course, jump to those

You just heard it: that first sneeze. Your child is in the other room watching Sesame Street and sneezes again. As you run into the room with a handful of tissues, ready to assess the situation, you’re wondering if the dreaded cold virus has finally made a visit this cold and flu

Do you have a picky eater in your family? If so, the New Year may be the perfect time to kick off some new, healthier eating habits for the entire family – including a lunchbox makeover. When your children see that you and your spouse are focused on eating healthier for the New

In today’s society, there is a lot of talk about gluten-free diets because more and more people, including children, have gluten sensitivity. The good news is restaurants are now offering gluten-free options and grocery stores have larger food selections that are “gluten-free”. Diet plays an integral role in feeling better if your

As adults, many of us look back on our own experiences with puberty with heartfelt sentiment, remembering how confusing and challenging it was as our mind and bodies began to change. Now as parents, we have sons and daughters approaching that “certain age” and maybe even already exhibiting some signs of puberty.

When it comes to the application of cool or warm compresses, there are guidelines, rules of thumb, exceptions to the rules and sometimes even the need to “try a little of both and see what helps.” Since using the wrong application can cause further damage, it’s a good idea to occasionally review

June 15, 2015

Dog Bites and Kids

From nips to attacks, dog bites are a serious problem.  Each year approximately half a million children are brought for medical care due to dog bites. Most bites are not from stray dogs, but from dogs that are familiar pets or neighbor’s pets. Children must be taught how to behave around dogs.